JESUS Chapter One

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Hooray for chapter one of JESUS! There’s going to be a slight delay before chapter two comes out, though. That’s all due to work, vacations, busy schedules and remodeling. Expect it sometime around November, but it’s worth the wait! From then on we should, hopefully be on a regular schedule with it.

We’re still awaiting the translation for chapter two of Yami no Aegis, so no word on that yet.

13 responses to “JESUS Chapter One

  1. I liked it, reminded me of some of the other stories I read (mainly in the art), but I really liked it. Can’t wait to read more, Keep up the good work.

  2. Woohoo! Explosions! (naked) Badasses! Looks like the kind of awesome there isn’t enough of these days… Can’t wait for more chapters. Thanks guys!

  3. AWESOME. I’ve waited for a REALLY LONG TIME for someone to take up Jesus. Looks like nobody paid attention to it until “Kenji” suddenly became popular.

    • I never even knew it existed until it got crossed over with Until Death Do Us Part. I turned into a total Jesus fangirl and was in total “MUST. FIND. THIS.” mode all summer. Have you eve seen the raws, or just had a interest from what you heard about the series?

      • It was serialized in a magazine here in Malaysia (though I’m not sure if it was through legal means or not). I don’t own the magazines, unfortunately. The translations were horrible, and there was some censorship. I’m sure someone will find better raws soon.

        • Censored? LOL. That’s funny. Well the raws we’re using are from the volumes from Japan so we have all one would need. Except for the cover of volume ten, though. It seems whoever scanned it got them mixed up, so we have the covers for volume eleven twice. Which is odd.

  4. Although I’m a bit late, I just thought I should congratulate (and thank) you for your first releases. So thank you very much! It’ll be nice to get more background for the most interesting side characters of UDDUP.

      • Mamoru as a kid? I’m thinking he must have been the quiet one who nobody really noticed; but on certain things, he was terrifyingly involved in them.

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