JESUS Chapter 2!

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YES. Chapter two, finally! I am so excited. I feel like we’re making progress. Over nine thousand thanks to Gadnihasj for translating it and for agreeing to be our resident translator for us! Remember, please, if you want to upload this chapter somewhere (aside from MangaFox) please let us know. We just would like to know where it ends up so we can add it to our list and keep track of online readers. Beyond MangaFox, and MangaToshokan I really don’t know what all is out there.

No word on chapter two of Aegis yet. Ukryu has kind of… disappeared this past week, so I assume he’s busy with the holidays.

Cafe Relish ni Oide Chapter 5

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So I stumbled upon this manga over the summer, and it hasn’t been updated since¬†January. I did a quick search on Google this afternoon and found both chapter five raws and someone on MangaFox was kind enough to provide a free-to-use translation, so here it is. I enlisted the help of a friend of mind to clean it for me, and I did all the typesetting. This was her first time cleaning and my first time type setting! I think we both did pretty good.

Also, there’s a short one-shot/extra story in the back of the volume for this, after the chapter. So if someone can find the translation for that/doesn’t mind translating a quick blurb that involves two men having sex, then feel free to give us a call!

As for Jesus and Aegis, expect one or both of those between now and New Years! Keep an eye out, kiddies! ūüėČ And have a safe holiday everyone, leave the getting drunk and arrested¬†business¬†to your parents!

X-Posed Needs Your Help! Like…a lot. Really.

Wow, this is kind of¬†embarrassing. ¬†I know you guys are really wanting more Jesus and Aegis, and we apologize over nine thousand times for the¬†ridiculously¬†long wait. It’s killing us too, man. We have had nothing but inner-group problems since we released chapter one. Basically, it’s been a big cluster fuck.

It turns out that our translator for Jesus is not going to be able to do it for us after all. She has too many IRL problems and cannot guarantee us chapters on a regular basis; something that we were not informed of when we commissioned her.

So yeah, we are currently without a translator for Jesus. Our¬†translator¬†for Aegis is working out¬†fantastically¬†though, even if it has been a while on that as well. He has been busy with school, but he¬†apologizes¬†for taking so long and said he’s going to try and get Aegis done as soon as he can. And, you’ll be happy to know, he said that he does have some tests and finals this week and next, but after that he has an entire month off with nothing to do whatsoever. Except, you know, translate.

As far as Jesus goes, we are still working on it, we’re just…lacking all that we need. If you, or anyone you know translates from Japanese is willing to work with us then please let us know. Even if you’re only able to work over Christmas, or do one chapter, anything will help us. We are of course looking for a long-term member, though we do have some requirements, which I will post below. Continue reading