X-Posed Needs Your Help! Like…a lot. Really.

Wow, this is kind of embarrassing.  I know you guys are really wanting more Jesus and Aegis, and we apologize over nine thousand times for the ridiculously long wait. It’s killing us too, man. We have had nothing but inner-group problems since we released chapter one. Basically, it’s been a big cluster fuck.

It turns out that our translator for Jesus is not going to be able to do it for us after all. She has too many IRL problems and cannot guarantee us chapters on a regular basis; something that we were not informed of when we commissioned her.

So yeah, we are currently without a translator for Jesus. Our translator for Aegis is working out fantastically though, even if it has been a while on that as well. He has been busy with school, but he apologizes for taking so long and said he’s going to try and get Aegis done as soon as he can. And, you’ll be happy to know, he said that he does have some tests and finals this week and next, but after that he has an entire month off with nothing to do whatsoever. Except, you know, translate.

As far as Jesus goes, we are still working on it, we’re just…lacking all that we need. If you, or anyone you know translates from Japanese is willing to work with us then please let us know. Even if you’re only able to work over Christmas, or do one chapter, anything will help us. We are of course looking for a long-term member, though we do have some requirements, which I will post below.

So yes, we, myself and Pom Rania, are tearing our hair out and banging our heads against the wall throughout all this. This is not how we wanted to break into the scanlation world at all. It’s not very professional you know?

Oh, yes, we also are currently collecting the manga volumes for Jesus: Sajin Kuro. I bought volumes one and two and have been scanning them in a bit. Though if you stumble upon some decent raws, let us know so we can check it out. But for now we have it covered.

Well, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and is looking forward to Christmas. Maybe we’ll have a new chapter as a present for you!

Requirements for the Long-Term Translator Position for X-Posed.

These requirements are only applied if you are looking to be a long-term translator. Please note that ‘long-term’ to us is a minimum of three months.

To qualify for this position you must have the time to translate a minimum of two chapters a month. We do not intend on being stuck in another situation where our translator keeps telling us they’ll have time next week, or next month, and nothing gets done. I do hope you can understand this.

You don’t have to worry about being able to typeset and or clean pages. It’s fine if you do, but please remember we already have a resident cleaner. You will be able to review the pages before they’re uploaded and make any suggestions you feel, but don’t change anything without running it through us first.

We’ll give anyone looking to fill the translator position a temporary trial period to see if we all will be able to work together peacefully. Be aware that I’m what you would consider the Public Relations part of the group, so I do like to go over any ‘situations’ that pop up so we can try to work it out. If you are not willing to communicate with us, then that’s going to cause problems. We have to know we can work as a group, and talk things out. (IE, you don’t like our cleaners’ font face, you don’t like how I presented you on the site, you feel left out. That kind of thing.) We need to be sure we can all be honest about this kind of stuff without anyone getting butthurt.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, drop us a comment either here, or on our Talk To Us page.

Thank You,

The X-Posed Team.

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