JESUS Chapter 2!

Mediafire. View Online link incoming.

YES. Chapter two, finally! I am so excited. I feel like we’re making progress. Over nine thousand thanks to Gadnihasj for translating it and for agreeing to be our resident translator for us! Remember, please, if you want to upload this chapter somewhere (aside from MangaFox) please let us know. We just would like to know where it ends up so we can add it to our list and keep track of online readers. Beyond MangaFox, and MangaToshokan I really don’t know what all is out there.

No word on chapter two of Aegis yet. Ukryu has kind of… disappeared this past week, so I assume he’s busy with the holidays.

11 responses to “JESUS Chapter 2!

  1. Gah! Jesus! I’m late!
    Thanks for the release, guys~

    On another note, I noticed Jesus on a certain online reader which you haven’t mentioned here. Just wondering whether they’ve told you that they’re hosting it.

    • This last statement is proven fact, as I have already read this chapter but was too distracted with shiny to remember until after I posted this. Also, real Necromancers ignore things like dates and times.

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