JESUS Chapter Three


Huzzah! Chapter three, yay. Translation was done by Kyaasurin, and we thank her muchly. Also, we have most of the translation for the next chapter of Aegis done so expect that sometime within the week. Honestly, we think a great and powerful wizard is at work here; we got both translations last night for our projects at exactly the same time, AND Nihil Sine Nefas got the raws for the next chapter of UDDUP today.


Yami no Aegis Chapter 2


What-what-whaaaaaat?! Yep, chapter two of one armed bodyguard madness. Translating this chapter was done by two people: Ukryu pages 1 to 13 and Natsume Rika on pages 14 to 31. Be sure to tip your translators and cleaners folks, they’ll be here all week.

And be sure to go hit up Nihil Sine Nefas to read about what Tate is up to these days, see a blind swordsman kick ass and Jesus’ hair defy gravity!