Yami no Aegis Chapter 2


What-what-whaaaaaat?! Yep, chapter two of one armed bodyguard madness. Translating this chapter was done by two people: Ukryu pages 1 to 13 and Natsume Rika on pages 14 to 31. Be sure to tip your translators and cleaners folks, they’ll be here all week.

And be sure to go hit up Nihil Sine Nefas to read about what Tate is up to these days, see a blind swordsman kick ass and Jesus’ hair defy gravity!

7 responses to “Yami no Aegis Chapter 2

      • Wow, he totally does! And they’re both assassins too. Hmm… A quick search of IMDB reveals that the movie came out in 1994, and Aegis first started in 2000 I believe; they might have gotten the idea for Zero’s design from that movie.

        As for what happens next… you’ll have to wait for the next chapter. Which could be out any time between next week and next year, depending on the translator.

      • I’m going to pray to Xirofael, The Sinfold, Enkahr, and The Lady of the Knife to make sure that if another translator skips on your group, their entrails will be their extrails, and their soul will be ripped to shreds, and the shreds will burn forever in the dust of their dreams!

        • Haha. One can only hope. We kind of just shifted the position though so we can avoid that. We don’t really have a “permanent” translator anymore, we just go by who can do it for us at the time. The hard part is finding one who’s not busy.

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