Yami no Aegis Chapter 5


Sorry for the lateness, I’d have posted this earlier but I’ve been having computer issues. Anyway, here’s chapter five! Thanks again to Natsume Rika for doing the translating.

Also, X-Posed is going to open a contest sometime this week! We’re almost done with the first volume of Yami no Aegis, so we’re going to hold a Lulz Contest. I’ll have the details up sometime later in the week, so keep checking back to see what you need to do and when you can enter! 😀

Yami no Aegis Chapter Four


Yet another chapter of body-guarding madness. Thanks again to Natsume Rika for translating for us, we’d be dead in the water without her. Be sure to tip your translators folks, admittedly we don’t pay them all that much, and we sure as hell don’t let them out of their pens unless their working. Tough life, being a translator.

By the way, X-Posed is always accepting new minions translators, so if you wanna help deliver badasses and explosions, put in an application on our talk page! 😀 It’s totally worth it, and summer’s coming up soon so if you get in now you wont freeze when we ‘forget’ to let you in the X-Posed cave at night! It’s the best deal EVAR!