Yami no Aegis Chapter 8


Late post is late. I’m actually on vacation right now, so I’m all blah about ‘work’ type stuff. -sunglasses- Deal with it.


This is the LAST time I am explaining this from the beginning. X-Posed is basically run by myself and Pom Rania, we ARE X-Posed Scanlations. This is NOT to say that the kind people we have translating Jesus and Yami no Aegis are NOT a part of the group, it’s just that at this point in time, I don’t really like saying “X is our new resident translator for Y” because every time I have done that, something has come up and we’ve been left dead in the water without one.

Translating for Aegis is Natsume Rika, who we have been commissioning to do for us. She does a VERY good job and is very nice and professional to work with. Since we’re paying Rika, we get the translated chapters for Aegis during the weekends, or whenever she has time off from work/school. This is why Aegis is being updated more than Jesus. Continue reading

Lulz Contest

Don’t forget everyone, X-Posed is holding a Lulz Contest for Yami no Aegis! Head on over to the page for all the contest details, and show us what you can do. The funniest page gets in one of our official releases at the end of the volume!

The contest is running through April 30th, so there’s still plenty of time to submit your entries, but the sooner the better! 😀