Jesus Chapter four


Sweet Jesus, it’s Jesus! Sorry for the delay, Kyaasurin had some work/school issues pop up and distract her. Plus, Jesus seems fond of throwing up slang that is literally untranslate-able just to throw her off. We keep swatting him with newspapers but he just wont stop it.

15 responses to “Jesus Chapter four

    • Glad you’re liking it! Feel like trying out our other series as well? Aegis is kind of different, but it’s by the same writer/artist, and it’s good too.

  1. Hi guys! Thank you for all the chapters. Could you give me the site where you found all the raws of Jesus please? Because I didn’t find it!

    Thanks! You’re doing great!

    • Sorry but no, we don’t give out our raws. If you find it on your own that’s fine, but we ask that you don’t go telling spoilers and blabbing about to everyone else, or giving them out.

  2. Guys I don’t know if you’re interested but I’ve got the raws of the first two volumes of the sequel of Jesus. I can give you the link if you want. 🙂

    Just tell me.

  3. where is chapter five? can you post the next volumes soon? i can understand if you guys translate like 30 or more manga, but it shouldn’t take 2 months or so to translate just 1 chapter of 1 manga. I mean in japan it’s already completed. If you already have them translated but not finished, don’t hold out on us. don’t do what the translators are doing for Usio and Tora. don’t translate 2 chapters and wait to release them until they get 6 done. i don’t mean to be critical sense you don’t get paid to do this and do this in your free time, but can you do the releases a little bit faster, like once a week or at least once a month?

    • A) It’s finished in Japan because it came out like fifteen years ago. It’s sequel is still on going. And B), if you’d bothered to read anything elsewhere (this site, my blog, random Googling, forum posts) you’d realize that how long the translation takes is NOT up to us. (Us being myself and Pom Rania.) The translator for Jesus is working FOR FREE for us out of the kindness of her heart WHILE being in college and going through midterms, working a job and dealing with all of the other things one deals with in life. In addition to that Jesus is also very slangy and is proving to be a bit difficult to translate because it’s hard to translate a sentence from Japanese to English when there IS NO ENGLISH replacements for the Japanese.

      I am sorry if I sound snippy, but goddamn it people it is NOT that hard to read the few paragraphs dotted around the site where I have explained multiple times what the issue is.

      Also, we just released chapter four on the sixth, it’s been nowhere near two months.

      We have been trying to at least get on a monthly schedule with Jesus, but it’s proving hard. Again, if you lurked moar you would notice this.

  4. if it’s so hard to translate, why don’t you ask someone else to do it?(by the way you spelled “moar” wrong)

    • *facepalm* Just how freaking stupid ARE you?!

      If you would actually LOOK AT OUR [[acted-upon Oedipus complex]] SITE FOR ONCE, you would know that neither of us can translate Japanese. We’ve made arrangements with some people to do the translations for us. Finding Japanese->English translators online (and I don’t mind translation websites, those things are nowhere near the level of an actual human translator) is incredibly difficult, so we make do with what we have. And before you say that we could find and hire a translator IRL, how about this: how about YOU find a Japanese-English translator and pay for them to translate some manga chapters. If you’re willing to do that, and you DO so, THEN you have a right to bitch to us about it. If not, STFU.

      Also, “moar” is a separate word, at least in certain online dialects. Look it up on Urban Dictionary, dumbass. By the way, you forgot to capitalize “by”, and there should have been a period ending the sentence inside the brackets.

    • You’re either the STUPIDEST mother fucker I have ever seen or the DUMBEST troll I’ve come across in a while. Did we not just say MANY TIMES that we don’t translate Jesus and we have someone else doing it for us because we do not know Japanese? You even acknowledged that we said in your last response.

      Get the FUCK off my site you arrogant little shit.

    • No, you are the king of being a retarded dumbasses who eats his own excrement for breakfast because he’s too stupid to figure out how to get actual food.

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