Yami no Aegis Chapter 8


Late post is late. I’m actually on vacation right now, so I’m all blah about ‘work’ type stuff. -sunglasses- Deal with it.


This is the LAST time I am explaining this from the beginning. X-Posed is basically run by myself and Pom Rania, we ARE X-Posed Scanlations. This is NOT to say that the kind people we have translating Jesus and Yami no Aegis are NOT a part of the group, it’s just that at this point in time, I don’t really like saying “X is our new resident translator for Y” because every time I have done that, something has come up and we’ve been left dead in the water without one.

Translating for Aegis is Natsume Rika, who we have been commissioning to do for us. She does a VERY good job and is very nice and professional to work with. Since we’re paying Rika, we get the translated chapters for Aegis during the weekends, or whenever she has time off from work/school. This is why Aegis is being updated more than Jesus.

Translating for Jesus is Kyaasurin, who is doing it for free because she wants to. She is free to drop the project at any time. She as well is easy to work with and very pleasant about it. Kyaasurin is likewise in school and work and as most people do has a LIFE outside of translating manga. Aside from that Jesus is also very 90’s slang ridden and is proving to be a bit hard for her.

So I shall say it again: how fast or slow the chapters get done are, for the most part OUT OF OUR CONTROL. I’m not trying to be a bitch people, and I understand really wanting the next chapter, but some people have just been rude about it, despite there being several mentions of the situation on our site already, on my own blog, and numerous forum posts by both myself and PR. It’s not going to kill you to chill out. Take a fucking chill pill, people. Or a chill strip, you pop it on your tongue and it melts. Chill.

And don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way saying I want to be showered in praise, nor am I saying you can’t ask about the status of our manga. Part of the problem is MY fault because I have been lazy and haven’t updated the chapter progress page in a few months, I will concede that. However, coming up with attitude and acting like we’re being bastards for not releasing these monthly or weekly gets you NOWHERE. And it doesn’t make me inclined to want to pester our translators about the progress of it, either.

And on another, lighter note: GO JOIN OUR LULZ CONTEST. WE NEED LAUGHTER.

That is all.

/end of transmission

12 responses to “Yami no Aegis Chapter 8

      • So I just plugged your Foghorn Leghorn quote into a translator.

        It came out as this:
        やれやれ、こんにちはやれやれ。 私は私ではなくがニワトリではないということです。

        Which translates back into English as:
        “Well, be popular today, and do it. I cry with me, but it is not to be a cock.”
        If anyone thinks I’m lying, try it yourself.

      • This is what Natsume Rika said:

        “So, in response to someone’s comment on your website, this is what I think the Foghorn Leghorn quote should be in Japanese. アンタ、おい、アンタ、おりゃぁ、ねぇ、おりゃぁ雄鶏じゃねぇ、アイツはね、アイツはボーリングボールのように利口だ。”

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