Jesus Chapter Nine


God damn, Togawa. Why can’t you just stay alone in your room and jack off like normal teenage boys, instead of bugging Jesus all the time? Speaking of, that old lady has no idea how correct she is when she says it was the work of Jesus. Ah, it’s so punny.

5 responses to “Jesus Chapter Nine

  1. I recently found this manga. Thanks for the work you’ve put into this!
    I plan on starting on this once there’s more chapters! 😀

    • Well, this is the entire first volume done now. And have you checked out Yami no Aegis? It’s by the same writer and artist, set in the same ‘verse, but done a couple years later.

  2. When your worldview is based upon the assumption that God exists and in particular Jesus the Christ etc its very difficult to make a huge step and consider the possibility that One doesnt exist. This is my blog about how Jesus saves my life every day. yada yada yada.

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