6 responses to “Aegis chapter 29

  1. Hehe – gotta watch out for those women and children.
    Damn – his kid had a heart defect – because his backstory wasn’t sad enough already…

    • And now we know why the heroes always try to save the women and children first: because they’re their only weakness, when they explode. And YES, I have indeed been saving that joke since chapter 107.

      Masato’s heart problem is one of those things I never knew until I got the translation, but once I saw it, I was like “Damn, Tate REALLY got screwed over.”

  2. Huh, so Tate and Hijikata (Until Death Do Us Part) have something in common … the only thing able to seriously injure them is a person exploding.

    Maybe the two authors/artists learned something from each other … Takashige (UDDUP) borrowed Tate, while Nanatsuki borrowed the exploding people idea …?

    • Well, Yami no Aegis first started in 2000, while UDDUP first started in 2005; I’m not sure when exactly this volume was printed, but it was still probably before 2005.

      Although I remember reading that both authors were friends, so they could have shared a common “hey, this is a good idea!” before then; I really don’t know.

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