10 responses to “Aegis chapter 37

  1. Thanks a lot guys! 🙂
    Just a question, at the end of the chapter, who’s Tate referring to when he says “what can you do for me, for this girl?” and why did he say to Anna, “you’re not going to suffer anymore”?

    I’m sorry, maybe you don’t have the answers but It never happened before in the manga that the author leaves such sentences, I’m curious…

    • As for the first question, I believe it’s Chihiro who’s thinking there; I thought it was Tate too, but it being her is pretty much the only way it can make sense. As for the second question… I have no bloody idea. It might be that Anna wouldn’t have to worry about Chihiro snapping again and hurting Tate?

  2. I have to admit that I was dumbfounded, too. But as the translator, my response to the questions would be;

    It’s Chihiro who did the thinking in the first question.

    The second question is the really messy one. There are two explanations that I can think of;

    1. Tate said ‘Anna’ to ‘Anna’ and ‘You don’t need to suffer anymore.’ to Chihiro. This makes sense in a vacuum, but somehow doesn’t seem right with the context and the flow portrayed in the comic.

    2. Anna, despite her seemingly negative attitude toward Chihiro, actually felt very sad for what happened to her. Although Anna tried to talk Tate away from trying to help Chihiro, that doesn’t exclude the possibility that Anna actually wanted Chihiro saved. It could simply be that she cared about Tate much more than Chihiro and therefore would not want Tate to risk himself.

    Hope that makes sense.

    • You’re translating it from a language other than japanese, right? Because to complicate matters further, in the japanese raws it just says “itanai.” My japanese is really bad, but it means something like “doesn’t hurt” or “not painful” Who is saying it or WTF it is supposed to mean, I have no frickin clue.

      • You’re right that translating it from Thai would complicate the matter even more. But I’m trying my best to make sure that my translation makes sense and is comprehensible as a whole. Nevertheless, for this one I’m really at my wit’s end.

        • I think your translation seems pretty good so far. I think this might be a case where only the author knows what they really meant.

  3. Thank you both! 🙂 Don’t worry, you did a great job, and I Can totally understand how tricky sometimes those little bubbles are! 🙂
    I would rather go for the second proposition because otherwise, the discussion between Anna and Tate is a bit weird. 🙂
    By the way, the Lulz page was great. Even though, I Really dislike vampires (thanks Twilight and Stephanie Meyer, -_-‘) I really laugh a lot! 🙂

    Thanks for you great job, both of you! 🙂

    • Hey, there’s still some good vampire fiction out there; I’d recommend “The Dracula Tapes” (and the other books in that series) by Fred Saberhagen.

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