Aegis chapter 38


Trigger 1: The kid is hereby dubbed “Matilda”, for reasons that will shortly become clear.

And if anyone is still wondering about the end of the previous chapter, Natsume Rika (our other translator) has this to say:

“So, the Thai version is special. This page says: ‘Yeah, it’s over.’ // ‘I’m coming home now.’  // ‘Anna……’ // ‘It’s painful, huh..’ (It’s painful/it hurts) Now, this doesn’t explain why he’s saying the last bubble to Anna, which was the point of the ruckus to begin with, but it does at least fix the original translation.”

8 responses to “Aegis chapter 38

  1. Thank you for the chapter! 🙂 Funny, that this isn’t Old Geese up in the bar, wonder where he is… Thanks anyway and I wanted to tell you that apparently vol 12 of Jesus Sajin Kouro is supposed to be out the 27th of April, just so you know, since you’re the official translators.

    • Ooh, really? Sweet!

      Heh, it’ll be ages before we work our way towards doing SK. I’m not claiming dibs on it or anything; if there’s someone else who wants to do it, they’re welcome to.

    • Well, if the Thai translation is weird to start with, it’s not your fault, and since what he originally said to Anna still makes no sense, it’s not like we’re missing anything.

    • I agree with AJ. And I think that I need to look over stuff more carefully, to make sure that it actually makes sense to me. I have two translators available, working from two different languages; there is no valid reason for me not to ask for clarification if it’s needed.

  2. Thanks for the release! That guy is really tall. Maybe he should take up basketball instead of being a psycho killer.

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