4 responses to “Aegis chapter 39

  1. Thanks a lot for the New chapter! Hmm I like Nanase, but that’s funny because I thought that she would specifically ask Tate to save the young boy… She’s an interesting character I think. And I have to say that Zero was really cool when he fought Aegis in this chapter.

    By the way guys, what’s up with Jesus? A problem with the translator?

    • The situation with Jesus is… interesting. Rainn hasn’t been able to be on too much lately, and she’s the one who fangirls Jesus (I fangirl Tate instead), so I didn’t pursue it when I didn’t get any more translations. Also, at the time I was VERY far behind. I think that we MIGHT have a translator lined up, but I haven’t gotten word back from them; we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. I see. Well, it’s true that it’s been a while since we’ve had New chapters! It would be Nice!
    Well, I have the Chinese Raws if you need (since it seems you’re using the Tha├» version for Aegis).

    • We got all the raws, but thanks for offering!

      What’s up with the Thai for Aegis is that I got all the Japanese ones on my computer, but ShinyMan owns on their bookshelf all the volumes in Thai. So, that’s what they were translating from, while Natsume Rika translates from the Japanese raws.

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