7 responses to “Aegis chapter 40

    • I’m not sure what exactly their relation is; I always thought she was his granddaughter, but I have nothing to back that up with. I know as much about her as you people do right now.

  1. Well I think that with the age gap (Kashihara sure looks old, he must be in his 60s) you could be right, but I remember in vol 20, where they appear together in a defense, I’m sure she calls him “Tosan”, meaning “father”.

    • He seems like the type to have kids late, if at all, because before that he would have been too busy running around doing badass underworld things. Also, she looks like she could be anywhere from 19 to early 30’s, so having a 60-something father wouldn’t be unusual.

      Thanks for the chapter! So Tate, how exactly is tackling someone off a 50′ cliff likely to be non-lethal? (For either person) Of course it wasn’t, so I guess he knows that anime rules of physics apply. That, or he’s far enough into rage mode that he just doesn’t care.

      • They did land on sand (or maybe grass), I think; and Zero’s holding his arm afterwards, and Tate has a scrape on his face that wasn’t there before. Then again, a) they’re both highly trained professionals, and b) both have plot armour.

        • I’m going with plot armor and manga physics. In real life falling from that height is likely to cause permanent injury, or death, not scratches and a broken arm, unless you have something impact absorbing to land on and proper training. People get lucky sometimes and walk away from worse, but its not something you can count on without benefit of plot armor. (Can I get some plot armor?) Grass is basically hard packed dirt with a pretty green covering. If you’ve ever fallen on it from more than a few feet it’s pretty hard. Sand is better, obviously, but not from that height.

          • Maybe they hit the stairs on the way down, and tumbled from there…? Okay, I’m grasping at straws here. But at least it’s not too egregious.

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