10 responses to “Aegis chapter 43

    • I saw! I’m kind of confused now about the respective timelines with SK and UDDUP, but hopefully that’ll all get sorted out a decade in the future when we’ve worked our way up to that point in the raws.

      • I *think* current Jesus volume happens before current UDDUP volume. But I’m completely pulling that out of my ass – The only thing that I have to back it up is that Needle hasn’t showed up in UDDUP since the first day of school chapter, but she is in Jesus, and since she is Elements Network I don’t think she’d be a complete noshow for the Trump fight unless something happened to her earlier.

        Thanks for the chapter!

  1. aj >> I think you’re wrong. In volume 11, you can see Needle and Ito who are discussing the Trumps (when Needle fall in the stairs and go to the Doctor’s office, p142-143), it’s referring to chapter 125 in UDDUP I think. Even “Butterfly II” (that’s how I call him) mentions the fight against the Trumps.
    I think the beginning of vol 11 is before the Trump attack (Anna and Haruka arriving at school…) but when they’re beginning to prepare the festivities, in the middle of the volume, the Trumps are already behind them. It wouldn’t appear in JSK because it has no relation with the story. Jesus’ main problem is 24, and Haruka and Mamoru are in JSK because they will help Jesus with 24.
    Jesus is in UDDUP because he’ll help Haruka to defeat the Trumps.
    So I really think that vol 12 is after what happened in vol 17 of UDDUP.

    • Thanks for that; I’ll have to reread and re”read” a bunch of volumes to try and figure it out myself, and see what fits.

      • No prob, it confused me too, but I did a little researching on it just to be sure and to clear things up.

    • okay, I’ll defer to you on that – I hadn’t actually tried to read the last two jesus volumes, just looked at the pictures, so I didn’t pick up on the stuff you mentioned. I’ll have to go back and look again. That would make the plot less complicated, at least – 24 and Butterly Jr. are bad enough without all the Trumps still running around.

      • Yep absolutely, and it would be boring to have twice the same parts (the Trumps are already taking long enough in UDDUP) in two different series. I don’t think the readers would be happy.

  2. And about Needle, it surprised me too, but I think she has a more important role against 24 more than against the Trumps. It’s just like Ragi that we saw maybe twice but that’s not much.

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