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  1. Aww thank youuu! I missed your updates. This chapter was very interesting, and heh, Anna… I think I like her even more now! And finally… Finally finally some info on the “Gazer”, so nice…!

    I’ll give you some info on JSK, vol 13 is on Jcafe aaaand vol 14 is coming out next monday, and this will be the end! 🙂

    Thank you again! 🙂

      • Fujiwara is working on another serie but not with Nanatsuki, and Nanatsuki was already working on another serie before the end of JSK, you should go see his site, it’s on it.

        There was rumors on Japanese forums that there was a third Aegis serie but I think it was fan made, because people expected more after the end of JSK, they wanted more of this universe composed of Jesus and Aegis (and UDDUP). I don’t know yet what is the end JSK but there is always a possibility for another Aegis serie, even though the main bad guy is dead and his revenge solved.
        If I ever learn anything, I’ll tell you right away.

        Do you have a place, forum or something, where you talk about all this, about the raws or anything of the sort?

        Anyway, after reading JSK 13, I think we’ll still have some surprises for vol 14. 🙂

        • Mostly, Onemanga.

          I’ve looked at SK v13, but not really in-depth — I was getting caught up with the UDDUP raws I’d also downloaded — and I’ll need to re”read” the previous volumes as well to re-remember who everyone is and what’s happening.

          • Okay I’ll check it out then.

            Well it took a little of time at first but now I don’t find the Crossover particularly difficult, in fact it’s very well done in my opinion. The only thing that was hard was the timeline with the UDDUP serie in vol 11, but I think I’ve figured it out, for the most part.

            • Can you try and explain it to us then? I’ve thus far been relegating it to nebulous “crossover time”.

                • If you’re on Onemanga, that’d work; but if not, here’s okay.

                  The big fight going on in SK, when does that take place relative to UDDUP? Is it part of Haruka’s “exhausting first day”, or what?

  2. Ouh not at all, not at all!

    First in UDDUP, it’s said the first day of school is a half-day and Mamoru even jocks about it.
    Well, I’ll use the vol 11 pages and even very little translations to show you. That contains little spoilers of course for the actual Jesus serie translated.

    Vol 11 of JSK is split in two parts. From page 1 to 131, this is all happening before the big fight with the Trumps that’s happening in UDDUP from vol 14-15 to even now (vol 18?19?).

    The most important point is that, even if it’s a crossover, they can’t have exactly the same thing happening in two different mangas, that would be boring for the readers. So they used the characters for the benefit of the two stories, but they related only the parts that were important for the main characters (that’s why what’s happening in JSK vol 10 with Haruka and Mamoru isn’t important for UDDUP so no mention of it in the manga). That’s why the Trumps, who don’t have any link with 24 are not important in JSK storyline, so that’s why we didn’t see the fight in JSK.

    And then from page 131 to the end, it’s after the fight with the Trumps. You can see that, pages 142-143, with Liu and Needle’s discussion, with a “flashback” of the fight of Liu in vol 16 of UDDUP, and Needle says “The other day when…” talking about how he won against the Trump guy (forgot his name). So that’s definitely after.

    Is it better for your comprehension?

    • Wow, thank you, that’s very helpful! I’m going to go repost that on Onemanga now, because you’re probably the only person in the fandom who understands it at the moment.

  3. And JSK vol 12 is happening a few days after the end of vol 11, and vol 13 is the direct continuation, for the first half, and then the second half is the day after or a few days after the big fight.

    • Thank you very much! ❤ I'm just downloading it now.

      You've been so helpful; is there anything I can do for you?

      • You’ll See, sometimes it’s kinda… Surprising. And the “end” with “what’s gonna happen to the characters” is quite short just like in Akatsuki no Aegis, that’s always disappointing. I’d love to see more of his return to Kadath but the author decided that apparently, it was enough.

        Anyway, don’t worry about it! I really like those three series (I’m including UDDUP), so it’s always a pleasure to talk about it, and you’re already doing a lot for us with the translation. I can only ask for maybe more translation of the Jesus serie, because it’s been a while but if you can’t then don’t worry about it. 😉
        Keep up your hard work.

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