8 responses to “Aegis chapter 52

  1. Finally! I missed your updates! You can definitely see that Anna will be way more confident of herself in the future in comparison with now. She truly believes that she’s cursed. That reminds me, we now know her age, she’s about ten years old. And whoooop! Tate in gangsta style! So funny!

    And I definitely wasn’t expecting a “shall I spank you again?”, it was quite the nice timing.

    Thanks for the chapter. Hope you’ll have another chapter soon.

  2. Oh that’s too bad… I really wanted the last chapter with Anna…

    By the way go to One Manga, on the forum about UDDUP. Chapters 131, 132, 133 are there.

    • Our translator’s actually back; there’s just been a lot of stuff happening on my end. If all goes as hoped, the next chapter should DEFINITELY be out within the month; it should actually be much sooner, but I know myself, and I won’t make promises I don’t know if I can keep.

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