Hello friends and enemies, exciting news! After me not being around for almost two years due to a horrendous data loss and personal issues, I’ve found a translator to pick up on Jesus! She’s a friend of mine who’s maybe just doing it in her spare time, so I have no idea when anything’s coming but, it will come.

So you all have that to look forward too! I guess that’s really it, okay, see you all later.

6 responses to “Helloooo

    • Uh, you know I’m actually not sure. I don’t think we’re planning on dropping it, per se but I’m not sure what the deal is with the translator for that, as Pom Rania was handling that one. I’ll talk with her over the weekend if I can and see what we’re doing!

  1. Heyyyyy, just came checking to see if anything was new (I haven’t checked since December), and then i saw your post! It’s great, I’m really looking forward to it, since it has been a while since I’ve seen any Jesus chapter (and I truly love this series!)!

    Waiting for you guys, glad you’re back! Take care!

  2. Hooooorayyyyyyyyyyy, I just was on a binge of rereading yami no ageis, Jesus, and until death do us part when I saw this. I know you guys aren’t taking on the last one but it’s always awesome to see how these three incredible stories are tied together in this one universe of badassness. That said, I’m really looking forward to reading more about Jesus

  3. What you guys have been up to all this time?
    You suddenly stopped scanlating 2 years ago..
    I remember the translator used to post at the onemanga forum before they got shut down..
    Is everything all right?

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