Hello friends and enemies, exciting news! After me not being around for almost two years due to a horrendous data loss and personal issues, I’ve found a translator to pick up on Jesus! She’s a friend of mine who’s maybe just doing it in her spare time, so I have no idea when anything’s coming but, it will come.

So you all have that to look forward too! I guess that’s really it, okay, see you all later.


Apologies for the lack of activity lately, folks. One of your dear group runners (me) has been getting shat on lately by life and expenses, and the stress from it is making it hard for me to focus on much of anything lately. Also, my computer crashed last month and the one I’m using isn’t worth dick, so it’s kind of stalled things to a complete stop.

Aside from that, Pom’s also been busy with starting school, and her own computer also crashed a bit ago and was down for a week or so.

We’re still here, though! We appreciate the patience from you all.

X-Posed on Facebook!

So, I went ahead and made us a Facebook page. Because I have too much time on my hands. You can find it here, and as soon as I figure out how to link both our blog and our Facebook, I’ll do that.

Also, I’d have the Jesus chapter up, but I can’t find the Mediafire link for it at the moment. I wasn’t able to post it when it went up, because I didn’t have internet. I’m so behind. /worst scanlator ever