Cafe Relish ni Oide Chapter 5

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So I stumbled upon this manga over the summer, and it hasn’t been updated sinceĀ January. I did a quick search on Google this afternoon and found both chapter five raws and someone on MangaFox was kind enough to provide a free-to-use translation, so here it is. I enlisted the help of a friend of mind to clean it for me, and I did all the typesetting. This was her first time cleaning and my first time type setting! I think we both did pretty good.

Also, there’s a short one-shot/extra story in the back of the volume for this, after the chapter. So if someone can find the translation for that/doesn’t mind translating a quick blurb that involves two men having sex, then feel free to give us a call!

As for Jesus and Aegis, expect one or both of those between now and New Years! Keep an eye out, kiddies! šŸ˜‰ And have a safe holiday everyone, leave the getting drunk and arrestedĀ businessĀ to your parents!