X-Posed will hold contests from time-to-time. Check here when we mention one for the rules and what it is.

33 responses to “Contests

    • Hey, Natsume Rika has been pretty good at getting us translations.

      I think part of the problem might be that Nihil Sine Nefas hasn’t been able to find the UDDUP raws; there’s a substantial overlap in the fanbase (aka, most people who read this stuff got into it through UDDUP).

    • My home base is a tiny room at a college dorm. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not a magical assassin who uses an ancient form of necromancy from the frozen wastes to create immortal ice revenant minions.

      Apparently WordPress doesn’t realize that “revenant” is actually a word.

    • That is HILARIOUS.

      I’ve tried Gimp, but I found it too complicated; probably because most of my concentration at the time was spent on online manga.

      • Thanks. You guys made a python joke before, so I figured you’d appreciate it.

        Ugh – looking at it now the text on that is really really ugly (Hey, it was 2AM and I was half asleep)
        Here’s a prettier version:

        Making these was my first time using Gimp. I downloaded it a while back but hadn’t tried it out yet. I’ve hardly used Photoshop at all, so I don’t have much to compare it to in terms of complexity besides the paint programs I played with as a kid. I’ve mostly just been poking stuff until something does what I want. I’m sure I’m doing everything the hard way but I tend to understand things better in the long run if I figure the basics out for myself before reading other people’s instructions.

        • Me, I’d utterly mastered MS Paint by the time I realized I wanted a better graphics program, one with LAYERS. But I didn’t want to pay for anything, so I went looking online for a free program, and Paint.NET was the first one I found.

          I’ve only tried Gimp once in fact, on a school computer; I got confused by all the different windows that popped up when I opened the program, and when I accidentally exited by closing the wrong one, I didn’t bother trying again.

          I don’t know how much Monty Python Rainn knows; I’ve been making the lulz and when I showed her that page she was like ‘I don’t get it’, so I had to find her a clip on Youtube.

          • Yeah, the windows confused me too at first, and I accidentally quit a couple of times. Once you open up an image to play with figuring out what the different windows are for becomes a little more intuitive.

  1. This isn’t an entry (b/c it’s not actually from Yami no Aegis, but hey he’s in it!) but I wanted to share this for the lulz. I was watching Arrested Development the other day and thought of this.

  2. It was a running joke on the show that when the main characters were kids the dad was always trying to “teach them a lesson” about things. It usually involved a setup with the guy with the fake arm, who was one of his employees or something.

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