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99 responses to “Talk To Us

  1. After having an unusually bad day yesterday, I woke up to find your scanlations of Jesus and Aegis on Mangafox. You have made my day!

  2. Hey guys, great job on both projects. I’m really looking forward to more of your HQ releases. They all look good, just like how I read Kenji of the same artist.

    I’d really like to apply but I’m going to another country and I don’t know when I would be able to get a computer with good internet connection.

    More power to you guys though. Keep up the great work! πŸ™‚

    • The raws we have actually weren’t -that- bad before hand, but our cleaner did do a fantastic job of making them better. The Aegis raws were really dark and blurry, though.

      What country you going to?

      And actually the only thing we could use would be another translator. But that’s mostly because we’re impatient and want to get this stuff rolling out at the speed of sound.

    • -Keyboard face smash- We’re still here! And we’re still working on it! Our translators are just having IRL issues at the moment, so it’s taking a while. After we get chapter two out we should be on an even keel with Jesus and Aegis though, hopefully two chapters a month.

  3. Just to let you know! I saw your question on the forum of Chara Cafe!

    Not sure what you mean. If you want to use it, go ahead, but please credit! I don’t want to do the work for nothing, you know?

    Also, I advise you to re-edit the manga. I changed some parts of my translation since there was a big misunderstanding at one point. I guess the person who inserted my translation didn’t notice, so they didn’t fix it…

    But yes, if you want you can use my translation (with credit of course!)

    • Oh I was intending on crediting you in big letters on the credits page, don’t you worry. We’ have big troubles with translations so I appreciate everything we can find.

      And yeah, I found the raws and am doing it all from scratch. I’m almost done. Is this the penname you’d like to be credited with? πŸ˜€

      • Oh my, was not execting anything like that. haha I’m ok with just a Thank you Azuma-likes-cereal in regular font but hahaha

        and yes, I use this penname for everything.


    • You’re welcome.

      So, the chapter I downloaded was out of a volume raw, and after chapter five there’s a little extra story. I don’t suppose you’ve found that in Chinese, by any chance?

      It’s almost done uploading to mediafire now! πŸ˜€

      • hm… No. I didn’t know there was an extra chapter! I’ll try finding it and translate that too when I have the time.

        If I do find it though, I’ll post it on the forum where I posted chapter 5 translation.

  4. Hey hey! Just about to finish downloading your version of Cafe Relish~ I really thought this was never going to be done πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    Anyway, would you terribly mind if I shared this in my comm, CherryCarousel @ Livejournal? Of course, credit will be given where it’s properly due πŸ™‚

  5. saw you needed translator for jesus?
    i’m not really up to any long-term engagement. real life tends to suck out all my energy so i can’t guarantee two chapters a month, but if it’s just to tl a couple of chapters during xmas, maybe some more until you get someone more reliable to do the job, then i’d be glad to help out
    (the raws are japanese right?)

    • Yes, the Raws are Japanese. Hell, if you could just do the next chapter that’d help us out a bunch. Uhmm, I need to talk to Ukryu (our translator for Yami no Aegis who said he’d help with Jesus) and see what/if he’s got anything done. I’ve been busy IRL with Christmas, and I’m assuming he has to. He might have already done chapter two/have it partway done.

      So yeah let me see if I can contact him and see what he’s doing, then I can get back to you and see what’s what.

      …if that made any sense at all. xD

      TL;DR, we’re interested, but we need to sort stuff out real quick! How long do you have free time, until about New Year’s?

      • how to say it.. i should be able to translate a chapter before new year’s if it’s not too long. after that it’s hard to say whether i’d use 1 or 3 weeks to finish a chapter, depends on how well i’m doing with my studies

        • I’m not really sure how long it is, actually. I just sent a message to our current translator, he hasn’t been around in about a week, though. I will know for sure tomorrow if it’s a go or not.

          Those terms I put up are kind of a pipe dream, really. I would like two chapters a month, but at this point I’d be happy with one a month…hell, one every OTHER month would still be more than we’re getting right now.

          I’m just so FRUSTRATED that it’s taken so long for us to do anything.

          I know it’s a ways off, but by any chance do you think you’d have free time during summer, when school lets out?

      • if you want i can translate at my fastest possible pace, meaning at least one chapter a month, until you find someone who’s faster and more reliable. just find out which chapter i should start with, and i’ll start today if possible

        well, i’d need the raws first.. maybe you could pm me at mangafox about it? i use the same nick there

        • That would be fucking FANTASTIC. Seriously that would be MORE than great! I have the raws for chapter two right here:

          A chapter a month would be splendid. Our first translator held us up for four months and only ever did ONE chapter, so if we have one a month we’d feel spoiled! Seriously, I cannot convey how awesome this is.

          One thing though, my cleaner has respectfully requested a couple things for the translation: you don’t have to worry about type setting anything for one. And if you could note what character is saying what, and when the speech bubbles end/change that’d be great.

          OMFG I’m so excited! ❀

      • awesome, there’s even furigana. makes difficult kanji a whole lot easier to read. i’ll translate as fast as i can

        it would probably be best if i also had the raws for ch1 too, just to compare. also, would you ask your editor whether or not to tl sfx’s?

        (and then maybe i should just join your group somehow..?)

      • okaay..

        now i’ve translated all but the sfx’s. now i just need to know whether or not to tl those, which format you’d like the translation in (rtf/doc/?), and where to send it. (unless you want me to post it here, but that would perhaps spoil it some?)

        i’d also love to have the rest of v1 to work on. it’s the first time i’ve had furigana, so it didn’t know i could do it so fast..

        i don’t know how you keep in touch within the group, but.. if you don’t want to pm me (gadnihasj) at mangafox, you could possibly send me a mail (gadnihasj at hotmail dot com). mangafox is better, as i read manga every day, but tend to forget checking my mailbox

  6. I just read chapter one and two of ‘Jesus’.
    It was great; I really enjoyed it xD
    Some criticism can be directed at the sentences, (could be worded differently to give a better ‘feel’) but I’m sure that will improve in time.

    I’ll basically say that it was a great read, and I’ll be looking forward for future releases! You’be got yourself an avid fan!

    Quality Releases – I like that; keep it up!

      • It’s not that big of a problem – Everything is generally fine as it is. High quality. Neither do I find any unintentional faults when it comes to grammar. It’s just that I would have chosen to use different synonyms here and there; structure the sentences in another way and so on.

        It’s just the small parts – Like in chapter 1, Page Four, Speech Bubble Two.

        The first sentence there; there is written… If I remember correctly. (Checks quickly)
        “In both face-to-face combat and assassination he was a pro.”
        I would have changed face-to-face to ‘martial arts’ or ‘hand-to-hand’. Would’ve changed pro to professional as well. But I understand you had a constrictive speech-bubble to deal with.

        So basically; it’s just small things such as that. You all do well with what you’ve been given, and I’m quite satisfied with the read.
        (I even went ‘Kyaaa’, ‘Kyaaa’ which isn’t very often. So that’s a good sign.)

        So, yeah, I’m just nitpicking – It’s all very good. (You should be satisfied with your work, guise xD)

        And remember! For every fan that posts, there are at least 3,000 that doesn’t!!!!!!!!

  7. @Rainn Aron

    I sent a pm to you on Mangatoshokan with a request regarding an old thread you posted there. Just thought I’d post here, so you’d know to check on it…

  8. Would you be interested in an English editor, by any chance? From previous experience, it could help lighten up the translator’s burden if s/he doesn’t need to worry about getting the trans grammar letter perfect.

    In the scanlation scene, I’ve worked on Medaka Box and Sket Dan, and the Kindaichi anime series.
    IRL, I’m also doing editorial work for Yahoo!, Inc.

    Kindly let me know if you’re interested =).

    Regardless, keep up the good work, guys! I have a feeling like these two series will gain a good deal of popularity in time. Thanks for all the hardwork =).

  9. hey, big-time UDDUP fan who finally found time to get into Jesus and Yami no Aegis! If you’re in need of translators, I’d be interested in helping. I’ve done a good amount of it, though this would be my first manga. If you’re looking for someone with more specifically manga experience, that’s cool, but I thought I’d at least try. πŸ˜€

  10. Hey guys, you are definitely the answer to my prayers! I got into UDDUP a while back and after I saw that Aegis and Jesus were part of a crossover I investigated and got really interested in reading their story. Unfortunately at the time, nobody was doing any trans/scans of the manga so I am VERY happy you all are.

    Keep up the great work! I will be checking back regularly!

    Also, are you translating direct raw volumes in Japanese?

    • I’m not sure what you mean by that last bit; for the serieses we’re working on, we have the raw volumes, and the translators work from there; those are also the pages that I clean and typeset.

  11. Thanks much for the scanlations of Jesus, enjoying it a lot. Excellent dialog work. Keep rocking my world plz, tia.

    • Glad you’re liking it. ❀

      If you like Jesus, have you tried reading Until Death Do Us Part? He shows up there too in more recent chapters, and has a significant role in the flashback arc.

  12. As you may or may not know, is an up-and-coming manga aggregator that has a deal with all the scanlators where, if you provide a little information, they can set it up where you get all the ad revenue that is created when people view the manga you scanlated on their site. Here’s the page if you want to get in on that.

    Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to more Jesus and Yami no Aegis.

  13. I can be your Cleaner and/or Typesetter so we can realise faster. I’m Russian, so I’m bad with talking. Contact me by e-mail: or Skype: lordrimus. I’m always invisible, so just sand a message, and I’ll respond when I’m free.

    • Cleaning and typesetting isn’t the hold-up for our releases; it mostly depends on the translators, and when they send their translations to us.

      However, if by any chance these series are available in Russian….

      • Do you have RAW’s? If there is furigana, I can translate Japanise… Not super good but beter then nothing, don’t you think? Can you sand me RAW’s anyway?

        • From what it sounds like, your level of Japanese is about as good as mine; and since I don’t trust myself to translate even a single speech bubble for a chapter release, hopefully there’ll be no offence taken when I say that we’re only looking for GOOD Japanese->English translators. Also, we do currently have a translator — two, actually, one for each series — and they’re keeping a good rate of translation.

          Jesus is a shounen series, thus it has plenty of furigana; Aegis on the other hand is seinen, thus there’s very little furigana. (Which, oddly enough, makes it easier for me to read, as my knowledge of written Japanese is mostly kanji, due to the resources I’m using to study.)

          If you just want the raws to be able to read ahead, you’re not on the extremely small list of people I’d send raws to; however, they’re easy enough to find for yourself.

  14. Awesome Job thank you so much! I started reading the totally awesome Until Death do us Part and saw both Yami no Aegis and Jesus in the crossover and just had to look for those to read! So thank you so much for providing these great reads for manga freaks like me!

  15. Hey guys! Thanks for all your work! Wondering if you’re ok, ’cause it’s been a while since we’ve heard of you! πŸ™‚

    By the way, some friends of mine wanted to write stories about Aegis, Jesus… Do you think they can put them in the UDDUP section? No need to create another section since it’s related to UDDUP. And since you’re the translating group, just asking to be sure; since the raws of both the sequels and prequels are able to be found very easily on the internet, do you agree that they write stories even if chapters are not translated yet? I’m sure that we all miss stories about the UDDUP/Aegis/Jesus universe.

    • We’re still alive. I’ve (Rainn) just been having a shitload of IRL problems lately, and focusing on Scanlation isn’t really at the top of my priorities. Also, both mine and Pom’s computers have been crashed, and in order to fix mine I’ll end up losing all of the UDDUP/Jesus/Aegis files we have.

      And sure! I have a series of fanfic up on that’s mostly Aegis/Jesus (among other things) in the UDDUP section. I really don’t see why not, since they’re all interconnected anyway. And the fanbase is so small it wouldn’t be worth it to make new sections for all of them, anyway.

  16. Great! πŸ™‚ Hope to read some new chapters soon, but I understand your priorities! πŸ˜‰ And if you can, write more stories on UDDUP/Aegis/JEsus universe! πŸ˜‰

  17. Are you in need of a translator? I’m a huge fan of Aegis in the Dark and Aegis in the Dawn.

    Just some more information. I’m from Thailand and I can only translate ThaiEnglish. Nevertheless, Aegis in the Dark and Aegis in the Dawn have been published all the way to the end by a Thai publisher. If you feel comfortable with translation from Thai to English or would at least want to try it out, I’ll be glad to lend a hand.

      • Well, thank you very much for that offer. I can’t say anything on my own, because I’d have to discuss it over with Rainn first; but I’d like to know your availability, and how long you’d expect to take on translations. For example, if you’re a university student, and it’s coming up on exam time for you, I wouldn’t ask you to do anything around now (because I’m a university student with exams coming up as well), but if you have nothing better to do, and won’t have anything better to do for the foreseeable future, we might be able to work something out.

        Also, when you say that “Jesus” has been published in Thai, do you mean the original series, or the sequel?

        • I’m working now. So without such things as exam the pace of my life is fairly regular. I think I should be able to churn out two chapters per month.

          I was talking about the original Jesus.

          btw, Fujuwara Yoshihide is so underappreciated it is almost a crime.

  18. Good to see someone do Yami no Aegis and Jesus. Quite awesome stuff I tell ya.

    Also I was able to locate some RAWs for Akatsuki no Aegis case you guys need them.

  19. I browse more on Mangafox more than One Manga nowadays… but I think I still have my account on OM so I will see if I can still salvage it.

    • Well, I thought the other person was dealing with the translator, and she thought I was dealing with the translator…. We might have gotten something worked out, but I haven’t gotten confirmation yet.

      Also, sorry for the late reply; for some reason “comments needing approval” didn’t show up for me, so I just discovered it by accident today.

  20. Hi, I was quite glad to find about your two projects after reading the awesome Kenji last year by the same artist. Of course, Jesus & Aegis have a different writer but they’re both nice so far. I’m glad the see the pace picking up for Aegis lately, hopefully you get a loyal translator soon for Jesus!
    It’s been a while since you update the current projects page with completed volumes link though, that’d be pretty cool if you happen to have the time.

    • Before updating with completed volumes, I’d like to go over the files in it and make any corrections that I need to. There are instances where a particular translation was later found to be inaccurate, or maybe I was half-asleep when typesetting and didn’t make it as neat as I could have.

      It’s one of those things that I know I should get done some day. But now that I know people have actually seen it, I’ll try to make “some day” be more like “the next day I’m on my computer and fully awake”.

  21. Haha you guys should release a compilation of the parody pages every volume for the series you guys work on, it’d be great πŸ˜€

    • I have the files, but I normally just maybe post them on One Manga; when I get down to work on compiling and uploading the volumes, I’ll include the lulz page compilations as well.

  22. Hum hey. Thanks for all your hard work, but is there a problem with the Jesus serie…? There are always a few months between each chapter release so I don’t know if you got a translator problem or another one but please could you post more Jesus chapters soon?

    It’s very good serie and even if I like Aegis I still prefer Jesus so please could you do something so that more chapters come out?
    Since you’re doing such a good job on the aegis serie, it would be awesome to have the same thing with Jesus


    • There’s no major problem with Jesus, just a bunch of little problems that have made it lower on my priorities list. Also, Rainn and I never seem to be online at the same time for long enough to talk about anything, but when we can chat, I believe she has some info about it.

  23. It’s alright, it’s just that I really miss updates on this serie and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Waiting for next updates on it then.

  24. Just wanted to let you guys know that One Manga has a new forum site cause the old server died. There are a lot of fans in our little group there including some from this group and I wanted to give you a heads up.

  25. Are you guys still alive or something? it’s been a while since we got updates or even news from your part…
    Hope everything is okay!

  26. I request, no, I command that you give us more of your awesome works of the awesome manga called Jesus, which is an alternate writing for my name! And what about the sequel, will you do that as well?

    Answer me fast or else I’ll send you some freakin’ laser sharks!

  27. Hey guys! You guys probably get this question a lot but why haven’t there been any updates on Yami No Aegis. Is it because of the trouble with getting RAW’s?

  28. I have not read the manga, but I am currently translating one of Nanatsuki Kyoichi’s series. For the sake of consistency, could you tell me how was “ハジム派” and “中東カダス” translated, and which chapter were they first mentioned? I would like to reference the chapter if possible. Thanks in advance.

    • Which series is this? I’m curious now.

      I’m not the translator, but my basic knowledge of Japanese tells me that part of the second word is “kadasu”, which I believe was translated — not by us, but I think Nihil Sine Nefas, the team that did Until Death Do Us Part — as “Kadath”.

  29. So guys, what’s going on? No new updates for a while for Aegis, and nearly a year without any new Jesus chapter. You’ve got no translators or something? Or did you just give up the projects?

    Anyway hope you’re alright and that you’ll give us more news about what’s happening to you guys.

    • We’re alive, just…. You know, I can’t even remember the translator situation in full. If I get a translation for stuff, I can ‘set and upload it, but I’m not really sure who the translators were any more.

  30. Yay!! Jesus is a great story.. i wish I can read more, cuz there’s no new chapters added yet. Thanks for providing it. By the by, I also enjoy Aegis in the dark.. Well, I know these stories from Until Death Do Us Part, the art sure is better..

  31. I have a question. I heard that you it is not required to have photoshop for proofreader and quality checker, but is there a team to help the noobs out with it? I want to try one of those and see how it’ll work out. I’m not perfect at english BUT I’ll try especially when English grammars is a HUGE deal in my school >-<

    • …I’m sorry? I don’t really understand what you’re asking. Not because of your English; I just don’t get what you’re trying to say.

      For proofreading and quality checking, I suppose all that’s required is that you be able to open the image files someone sends you. Photoshop isn’t needed for this stuff (unless someone else is using a file type that can only be opened in Photoshop); heck, I use Paint.NET (free software) for all my cleaning and typesetting needs.

  32. Just dropping by to express gratitude at your efforts in scanlating yami no aegis, keep fighting the good fight!

  33. Ola guys,, thanks very much for all the previous chapters on the two series, Jesus and Aegis.

    I don’t want to bother you but I was wondering if you’ll have or if you have any new chapter of those two series ready soon, or not soon.

    I just want to know what’s going on, if you lack translators or just if you don’t have time anymore, could you enlighten me? Because those two series are just fabulous, and I’m sure there are people who can help you if you lack time or something of the sort.

    Take care and I’ll hope you’ll answer!

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