Hello friends and enemies, exciting news! After me not being around for almost two years due to a horrendous data loss and personal issues, I’ve found a translator to pick up on Jesus! She’s a friend of mine who’s maybe just doing it in her spare time, so I have no idea when anything’s coming but, it will come.

So you all have that to look forward too! I guess that’s really it, okay, see you all later.

Aegis chapter 53


Seiren 4: In which a flashback is concluded, and X-Posed Scanlations reassures the internet (or at least the corner of it which is awesome enough to like this series) that they’re still alive.

Also, if you follow Texts from the Network, you might have already found out a bit of what happens in this chapter, because I forgot to not upload stuff to there unless the relevant manga bit has already been released. Sorry about that.